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  • Oca Hopin X Orange

    I grew 3 plants from this cross this year, which I've loosely been logging here
    I had dug these plants a week to ten days ago as the voles had been tucking in to the roots just below the surface. I was going to leave the plants in plastic sacks just laid out in a shed, to give the tubers a little more time to bulk up but the only shed space I had available isn't pest proof so rather than wait another invasion of rodents, I've picked and washed what the voles had previously left.

    First one is the red stemmed plant that has stood out from its peers since a seedling. Not a huge crop and difficult to estimate lost tubers but it seems it was a tasty one! Tubers are a useful size and not to late to start forming. I've seed saved from this plant, flowers have long style, seeds pods set readily enough, this was the second plant to start flowering.

    Hopin = the variety 'Scarlet with White Eye' from Real Seeds.

    Click image for larger version

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    Not such a good crop, 248g. Quite a few aerial tubers which are interestingly pink coloured which contrast strongly with the otherwise very white tubers. I don't know, but I'd guess exposure may have affected colour?

    Click image for larger version

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    • Galina
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      Interesting colours here. Are the green tips where the tubers stuck out of the soil? I notice that all small tubers are pink. Does the colour dilute as they grow? Such an exotic, near white variety, contrasting well with the bright red of its sibling.

    • jayb
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      The pink ones were growing on stems above ground, while the white ones were more normally produced underground. Yes the green tips are where some were sticking out above ground, they also have a bit of pink there too. I think if anything the white will darken as they age?

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    Third plant, doesn't have quite as intense colour as the first but pretty nonetheless and resembles it's mum's (Hopin) colouring the most.
    Similar to Hopin, they have a slight core of colour too, as does the first plants but not quite so rich. Harvest is just under the half kilo.

    Click image for larger version

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