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  • Oca oddity

    I spotted this little one yesterday, so cute. I believe a relatively common trait with Oca's, I've not found one before and excited about this one, though it is really quite a small tuber.

    Click image for larger version

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    How unusual - very pretty. Not common in my garden or on the websites I have seen. I would say it is very rare find, Jayb
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      Sorry I worded that badly. What I was meaning is chimeras are relatively common with ocas in comparison to other species. I know they happen with tomatoes, but I think the level of occurrence is much lower,


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        Very pretty! However, I suspect that you will get either pink or yellow tubers from that (depending on which sector sprouts out).


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          Yes I think you are right, I'm hoping there's enough of an eye on the white side for some to grow. The variety is Scarlet with White Eyes, which I believe is also known as Hopin, it would be quite fun to have a it in another form. I think I spotted another one yesterday (from a different variety), I haven't had a chance to look through properly yet though.