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  • Grapes

    I have two different grapes. One should have been a blue early grape (can't even remember the name now), but I got the incorrect one sent by the nursery. This one is fickle and most years does not produce ripe grapes. The bunches are small to boot, but this year they are not bad and they are getting quite sweet. In the greenhouse and on the pergola outside I have Golden Chasselas grapes. They hardly ever mature outside (occasionally in December!), but they are reliable in the greenhouse. Everything had a very late start this year and these are no exception, we are only cutting the bunches now. Oh so good!

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    Very impressed. I was thinking of getting a grape vine for the garden. I'm at the moment looking for one that grows outside.


    • Galina
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      Vitis Brand was the one I had ordered. Guaranteed to ripen (almost everywhere) and also has impressive red autumn leaves. I don't know what the blue grape is I ended up with.
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    • clumsy
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      That made the research easy. About to put an order for it on blackmoor site. Early present for my mum.