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Thai Green Pea Aubergine/Eggplant

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  • Thai Green Pea Aubergine/Eggplant

    Finally after a couple of years trying I have some very little sprouts
    Seeds came from ebay, they were in the propagator for over a month. I doubt they will do much this year but perhaps I can overwinter one. I'm not sure why they are known as a good rootstock when they are so blooming slow to get going!

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    First seedling, tiny

    Click image for larger version

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      Well after waiting so long to get some Thai Pea aubergine to germinate I toasted them!!!!!!!!
      In two minds weather to try a few more seeds and perhaps overwinter a plant this year?


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        Sorry to hear they didn't make it. I have been spectacularly unsuccessful with any aubergine, but they are cheap enough to buy fortunately


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          I don't seem to see the Pea aubergine around here.
          I've a grafted purple type aubergine which has just started to flower, fingers crossed the weather perks up here, I had to pull the first set fruit of as it had grey mould


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            I've never heard of pea aubergine. I've never had any success with aubergine so I never grow them.


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              Some of the smaller fruiting aubergine varieties can do quite well and the plants don't get too big. I haven't really bothered sowing them from seed the last couple of years since I grew a grafted plant from I think Suttons. They are are a bit pricey, but you get a huge amount of fruit off them.

              The pea aubergine are a bit different and taste wise they are really bitter, good in thai curries though. Confusingly I've grown a Pea aubergine the last couple of years and it does very well in the greenhouse, but the plants are compact and not quite what I was looking for. The fruits are really quite bitter too. https://www.growingfoodsavingseeds.c...solanum-torvum