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  • Laxton's Exquisite

    Got seeds for this variety from the HSL at a Seedy Sunday in 2019. Can't find out anything about it online. Has anyone here grown them? Are they tall or short etc.?

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    Just looked on the database. Laxton's Exquisite, 1.2om tall white flowers, for shelling, very sweet peas OS Heritage Seed Library. Due to grow next in 21 grown in 14 and 17. So both old batches should still germinate well next year. It is one of those intermediate heights that can be barely 3 foot, but with a lot of rain go up to 5ft.

    A bit about the Laxton's from Bedford. A friend of mine has an original Laxton apple tree in her garden, now very ancient but still bears a few apples from when all that land used to be a nursery.
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      Thanks for the information. Strange I haven't yet seen any mention of it in old seed catalogues or gardening books. Does it have a synonym?
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    There was an article about it a very long time ago in HSL literature. I am sure I still have it, but it will need some digging out.