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Sugar Beth (F2) pink flowered

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  • Sugar Beth (F2) pink flowered

    Salmon pink flowered Sugar Beth, I've three growing.
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    The first one to flower has part coloured pods, not quite a purple nor red podded?


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      The second coloured podded pink looks pretty too


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        Remind me Sugar Beth is Elisabeth x Sugar Magnolia - right? I had no pink flowering plants at all in the F2s I grew. All purple. Will see whether the remaining F2 seeds produce a pink flowering plant or whether there might be an F3 segregating for recessive pink flowers. My pods were green mangetout and semi-purple mangetout, also semi-purple snaps. Semi purple can be quite purple or it can be fairly green with only a little purple. Two genes are involved to make a fully purple pod. The snap pods were very sweet. Delicious.

        Your interesting coloured pods are they pink over green? That would give a reddish appearance rather than purple. The axil ring in pink flowering Elisabeth is pink rather than purple, maybe the pods are semi-pink, rather than semi purple. So pretty. What would a solid pink pod look like? Just dreaming here ................... ;-)
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          The internet tells me that Pu Pur (purple pods) combined with b (pink flowers) makes red pods, and wow, they are a beautiful wine red!

          I guess b modifies ALL the plant's anthocyanin, not just the flower antho. It definitely affects the axil colour.

          I've crossed Elisabeth with Purple Podded this year and I'll also try Elisabeth x Shiraz next year, hopefully I'l get similar results. I'd LOVE to have a red-podded pea!

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        Spot on, Elisabeth x Sugar Magnolia. Have you sown the remaining seeds or is this for next year? I sowed a few more a little while back and have been incredibly lucky to have two pink flowering ones again! I'm sure your last batch of seeds must be nearly all pinks as you didn't have any in the ones you have already grown. Both of this last batch are part red podded, so that's 4 out of 5 having colour. I sowed 3 little seeds from the first pink flowering now F3, looks like they already have a touch of mildew

        I wonder if sugar Magnolia was incomplete for total pod colour?


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          Sugar Magnolia was discussed on this forum and zeedman's reply to my query indicates that there are partially purples in the mix as well as fully purple ones. There are examples of several tendril types and single as well as double pods. A landrace rather than a uniform cultivar. What is interesting is the size of the snap pods in zeedman's picture. My F2 Sugar Beth snaps were smaller. Just want to add, he describes the flavour as not very sweet, whereas the very few snap pods I tried were exquisitely sweet. His Sugar Magnolia pods look the same larger size as those of another Alan Kapuler pea 'Spring Blush' as far as I can estimate from the picture.

          Do you still have a photo of the plant you made the original cross with? Could that have been partially purple podded? We know from our observations that 'partially purple' can look very purple indeed, but gets greener nearer the end of the season.

          No further plants sown here, because I don't want to risk a n y of the precious F2 seeds from you and I cannot guarantee that I can get a second generation in the same year. Different matter with my own F2s where I risked one pod each, but I had so many more to start with. Just imagine we had the perfect pea and I had ruined it by not getting a mature pod! Better to wait for next year. As you say, the chances of pink flowers are there, both in the F3 seeds I have harvested and in the remaining F2 seeds. Next year :-)
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            The snap types were much smaller here too, I'll check out those links. The two types of Sugar Magnolia I have growing are really quite different, I know from Alan Kapuler's site he was sending the hyper-tendril one out while he had stocks left and they seem to be the second type I have. I don't remember how well coloured the pods were on the ones used in the crosses but some of the purple podded mange-tout types look to have solid colour.


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              Ripening pods from the first batch, this is the second pink plant. These look to be single flowers but their were doubles also.


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                I took these pictures of the second batch of which 2 look to be pink flowering with pink snap pods, 2 are purple flowering with purple mangetout pods and one purple flowering with green pods.


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                  The green pods are quite pretty, not tasted as yet. Also a couple of shots with pink,purple and green.


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                    Some lovely ones there.


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                      Shame, one of the purple mangetout stems broke in the wind, but it did give me a chance to eat some pods. Not bad, but you can taste the antho twang!


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                        That is a pity, hope the rest of the plant is ok. Are they semi purple or full purple.

                        The pink over green looks very unusual. Really stunning.

                        Do I understand correctly. Pink flowers produce pink over green pods or green pods. Purple flowering produce green or semi purple or full purple pods. Is Pu and Pur implicated in the pink pods or is that just implicated in purple pods?

                        Because I only had purple flowering, I only saw green and semi purple pods (no full purples) and no pink pods, is that correct? The pod colours go with the flower colours?


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                          I think they are both semi.

                          Do I understand correctly. Pink flowers produce pink over green pods or green pods.
                          In this case it would seem so although it is a very small sample, 4 pink part pods and one pink with green pods.
                          I think with different parents pink flowers with full pink pods would also be an option

                          I wonder if any were actually fully purple?

                          The pod colours go with the flower colours?
                          Yes I think in part it is the case with pink, fun isn't it
                          Green is still green, it only affects the purple colour.


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                            I've crossed Elisabeth with Purple Podded this year and I'll also try Elisabeth x Shiraz next year, hopefully I'l get similar results.
                            Lol, snap I've just made the same crosses
                            I wasn't sure if the pink pods are resulting from the breeding lines used by Alan Kapuler in Sugar Magnolia, or as you think pink affects the anthocyanin.