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Sugar Magnolia snap pea

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  • Sugar Magnolia snap pea

    A very nice sweet and fairly large snap pea bred by Alan Kapuler. Robust vines and good yield. None of mine (seeds from Adaptive Seed) had double pods and none had hypertendrils.

    What was quite evident, is a difference in colour. Some of the pods are semi-purple and others are much darker purple. They grew on different plants, which means some plants are darker and others lighter coloured. All the pods in the picture are fully mature, so any bleaching would be at its most obvious. When they were young pods, the greenish ones looked much more purple.

    I have only grown a fairly small sample this year. Will select darker pods for seed. A lovely addition to the snap pea collection.

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    A lovely line up, one of my favourite snap peas

    I think I have some seeds of both I put to one side for you but never sent (many apologies)
    I've sown a small amount of both ht and non ht this year, both are following type, not flowering yet.


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      Definitely a missing report here, I really should have given feedback on the grow-out of these before now, Jayb. Thank you again for the seeds of hyper tendril Sugar Magnolia peas and also of double bearing ones. ALL the hypertendril seeds produced hypertendril plants and NONE of mine (seed saved from non hypertendril plants) did. Seems to be a pretty stable trait. I am offering a sample of the hypertendril seeds to the seed circle 2016. However I unfortunately had no doubles from the hypertendril and double bearing plants, only a single pea per node from the seeds that came from doubles. Ho hum. All plants from the single pea per node batch, were also singles. This is a great pea variety The purple on the hypertendril pods was a more solid purple than from the non-hypertendril plants which I showed in the photo above. Probably we will still have to keep selecting for the best purples and save seeds from the darkest. But this applies more to the non-hypertendrils that I bought from Adaptive Seeds. They are delicious to eat too and keep going for a good time, but not quite as long as the little SugarBeth snaps which do go into autumn.