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Golden Sweet Mange-tout

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  • Golden Sweet Mange-tout

    I love these, not so much for their taste as I think there are other tastier mange-tout, but visually they are stunning and just so unusual to the "normal" white flowered green podded pea.

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    I really like these for salads where you don't want a very sweet pea. I grow them partly because I like the yellow pods and partly because they're supposed to be one of the peas that Mendel used. I do have a soft spot for them, even though they could taste better!


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      Love them too and used them in breeding Court Estate Gold One of their best features is that they are less prone to an early demise in summer weather. They are one of the last to produce here.

      A favourite descendent from Golden Sweet is Alan Kapuler's 'Opal Creek'. Now that variety is much sweeter, a snap pea, and it also has the great advantage to stand up well to hot weather/advancing season just like Golden Sweet.


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        I did a Golden Sweet x Sugar Ann cross this year to get a yellow snap.


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          'snap!' -- sorry!

          CEG x Amish Snap cross made last year There will be a lot to compare. Hope we both succeed .


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            There's every chance we will.