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Unity x Sugar Magnolia

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  • Unity x Sugar Magnolia

    Have crossed 3 Unity flowers with Sugar Magnolia, which are growing adjacent and are also flowering merrily. The wind broke off a branch of SM (so I thought one way to put the two flowers on there to good use after all is to use the pollen). What can I expect from this cross?

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    I've started you a new thread for this


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      Purple pods and crimson flowers sounds amazing!


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        That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for the new thread. It was just such an afterthought on seeing the broken off branch. I hadn't started any other crosses yet and haven't made any plans other than following the crosses of the last few years. Then came 3 very special seeds (thank you again Jayb) and new possibilities. Also 2 seeds of Mrs Lei x Unity, but these two plants are not flowering yet. Strange, because both Unity and Mrs Lei have been flowering for a little while.

        Yes I wonder whether the crimson gene will or will not affect the pod colour - we'll see. Hope I'll get enough F1s to share.
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          Two little green pods are developing, the third handpollination has not taken. Must do a few more.


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            As far as I know, cr doesn't affect the pod colour.