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Boogie x Violet Sugar F1

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  • Boogie x Violet Sugar F1

    I thought I'd add start a thread for this F1. I don't grow many dwarf peas but this has dwarf on both sides, Boogie is white flowered with green pods and Violet Sugar purple flowers with purple pods. All the F1 plants are dwarf and the flowers and axil splodges are all purple. The pods are varied though, green, purple and part green purple.

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      Here are some more pictures of the varied pod colours presented.


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        Mixed selection of 2014 dried pods and a few loose seeds.

        Click image for larger version

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          What was the reason for this cross? Not very familiar with the parent varieties. Are they mangetout or snap?

          Ok, so Boogie is a shelling pea, with hypertendrils and good disease resistance.

          Violet Sugar is the one I can't find information about.

          Are you after a disease resistant dwarf snap pea? To get such a variety of pod colours in the F1 generation is a mystery. This is like F2 diversity. Strange.
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            I bought both a few years back, they are both regular type, dwarf shelling peas. Boogie is white flowering, 2-3 pods per node and semi leafless. Violet Sugar I bought for the description of the flowers, they looked more like sweet pea flowers in the picture but I thought worth a gamble in case they were different from the normal; type purple flowers - they were not! Pods were quite short and really need to be eaten young as a shelling pea, but I quite fancied seeing the combination between the two. Looking for a short growing, good early producer, of better tasting purple podded peas.

   Violet Sugar



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              Yes I see what you mean. The photo of the flowers is clearly wrong! 'Both green and purple pods with a weak layer of parchment', according to Google's best attempt at translation. Never come across a pea with both pod colours, but that would explain your findings of different colours in the F1.

              I understand the breeding aims.

              However height of Violet Sugar is described as 150cm? Not what you experienced though?
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