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  • interkefe - origin

    Just wanted to let people know that the Danish "Winterkefe" came to us from a researcher from Germany who visited. If someone from the Swiss or Irish seed savers' organizations has details of another origin, we'd be very interested to know. Lots of us grow this in Denmark - I sow mine around New Year's (just laziness) and they produce mangetout peas in late May or early June. A little earlier would likely be better.

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    Kefe is the Swiss dialect word for mangetout pea, certainly in the Zürich area. My mother, who was born in Switzerland 97 years ago yesterday, ate them as a kid. Sometimes also spelled chefe, to more accurately represent the pronunciation, which is a guttural "K". The origin is Swiss. Especially popular in alpine areas at high altitudes where beans do not grow, but peas still thrive.

    In Switzerland you can get special little hats to place over the autumn sown peas to prevent snow breaking the young plants which are quite brittle. There is a long tradition of growing Kefen and where possible, growing them over winter too.

    I have never heard of any evidence that there is a German or Danish connection. I know that later living in Germany after WWII my mother failed to get seeds for them in Germany. It needed a purchase from Samen Mauser in Zürich to get fresh seeds for her. She split the packet and this is where my first supply came from too. I have been saving seeds from that packet ever since. Now of course they are widely available in Germany, UK, Ireland and many countries.

    Welcome to the group, seedsaver!
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      What is the name of the little hats used to protect the seedlings?

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      Erbsenhütchen ie little pea hat

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    Welcome Seedsaver