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Salmon Flowered x Elisabeth x Sugar Magnolia (F1) F1

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  • Salmon Flowered x Elisabeth x Sugar Magnolia (F1) F1

    I have 3 F1 plants growing of this cross and I'm delighted to have two pink flowering vines and 1 purple!
    First plant

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    Second pink plant


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      The purple flowering type


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        This is the description so far of this cross which I've taken this from my Blog "I have some pretty pale pink flowers from one of the crosses (a back cross really) I made last year. It was a bit of an experiment to see what happened to the F1 flower colour when both parents having the pink flower gene are crossed, that's assuming it is the same pink gene as two different pink lines are being used. Usually a cross with a pink flowered pea gives a purple/magenta flowered F1 plant, regardless if the other parent used in the cross is white or purple/magenta flowering.

        I crossed Salmon Flowered Crown to Elisabeth x Sugar Magnolia (F1) which at only the first generation meant it would have genes bouncing around and the subsequent F1 seed I saved, would be unlikely to be uniform in type as most F1's to stable parents are. I have 3 F1 plants growing and they have just started flowering. 2 pink and 1 purple flowered!"


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          That confirms that Elisabeth and Salmon Flowered are probably pink because of the same gene. Interesting!


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            I've split this post and started a new thread Pink flowered pea genes in What's what?