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Yet another definition of 'landrace'

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  • Yet another definition of 'landrace'

    Just came across Alan Kapuler's blog. He offers a different definition of landrace, that I hadn't come across before:

    'If you go into a place where wild, native species still exist you can still find bean species. For thousands of years people have been doing this, putting the seeds in their pockets, bringing them back to their communities and planting them for years to come. When we go to native peoples and obtain some of their bean seeds we call them landraces. They come from species and have been domesticated by growouts, selection, human values and attitudes.
    Landraces are cultivated wild species.'

    Because there are so many different interpretations of the term 'landrace', it may be necessary to explain what we mean in every case, rather than using the term as shorthand. Certainly most 'landrace breeders' start with advanced and commercial, not with wild species.

    Alan distinguishes clearly between landraces and grexes in breeding:
    'Grexes are a way we solve the issue of how to adapt our foodplants to our local ecosystems and to the exigencies of radical climate change.
    Landraces have some aspects in common with grexes. They are not the same thing. They have very different meanings and relationships.'
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    An interesting read regarding landraces