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Thladiantha dubia

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  • Thladiantha dubia

    I'd forgotten the name of this plant, but now I have it written down I thought I'd pop it in here before I lose it again!
    to be continued.....

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    Having googled it, it is a wondrous special thing.


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      They are quite fun, though I'm not sure how edible!


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        Mine are struggling a bit. They started off well in pots. The tubers produced shoots readily and they are now planted out, But one of the plants has very pale leaves, the other only a little greener. I have planted them at the base of a garden obelisk hoping for them to clamber all over it, but they are only 2 foot tall and don't look too well at the moment. Very much hope they will pick up soon.


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          Gosh haven't looked at mine in ages! I came across a couple of small tubers in the polytunnel the other day which I chucked out, not sure if they can become weedlike given the right conditions! Fingers crossed for yours.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	goldencreeperflower.JPG
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ID:	6730 Then the plants perished. I searched for the original tubers which were still there. Took them back into the conservatory in pots and they sprouted again. Replanted about a month ago and this time they seem to like it better. I have one pretty yellow flower. So happy they rallied. It is a male flower, the second plant is not flowering yet, but they both look ok. We shall probably never know what they did not like first time around, apart from the weather?
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