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Drying Bean Beefy Resilient Grex

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  • Drying Bean Beefy Resilient Grex

    I am growing this this year. I was attracted by its reported resilience in wet and dry conditions ( Brown Envelope Seeds)

    They are sold by Brown Envelope Seeds and were bred by Carol Deppe.

    "S segregating population of beans that represent the F4 and F5 of crosses between ‘Gaucho’ common bean X ‘Black Mitla According to Carol who bred it, "it is the most intensely beefy flavored bean I have ever eate"

    Sounds good to me!

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    I grew a selection of these from Brown Envelope Seeds last summer. They grew well, needed some staking, trouble was come harvest time it was so wet they just weren't keen on it, not the best harvest for me. The seeds do look lovely and I loved having a selection of beans in the mix.


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      Arghh...if they don't like wet then they will love our Welsh climate...ahem!


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        They may well do well in wet weather generally, they just didn't do very well her for me. It was interesting harvesting beans for seeds last year, some really did better than others, I think though I could have harvested sooner and brought them into dry, which is what I'd try and do if I grow them again. I'm looking forward to your progress with them, great to get your experiences with them


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          This was the mix I had.

          Click image for larger version

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            I have a confession. I have put these in a "safe place". This means I now cannot locate them. I've had to plant Yellow Necker Gold instead


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              I do that all the time! So frustrating!!!
              I've some saved ones here if you need them?


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                That's very kind....I'm probably full with planting the Necker as I have acquired a pre owned polytunnel, so needing to sort that space.


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                  Do tell more, I love mine and am always interested in other peoples?


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                    It's small but beautifully formed
                    We saw a pre loved 3 m by 8 m one of these at a great price on eBay. We have a narrow strip at one part going down a slope, so fits in great....right by compost place, so will use for hotbeds to start season early. Over the moon! Ideal for my daughter as wind down sides mean less likely to have drips from condensation ( her left arm can't be touched or exceptionally painful). It's really solid too, so great for a windy boundary spot



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                      Oh my it sounds wonderful and ticks boxes all round. Really useful size too, bet you can't wait to get it ready

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                    I had to smile - from Beefy, Resilient, Grex which is a shelling bean and probably suitable for robust bean and meat dishes, to Neckargold, which is the exact opposite as beans go - a yellow- podded, delicately flavoured slicing beans, not for beans, but for the pods.

                    Hope you will like them all the same and they will do well for you.

                    Hope you will find your seeds again.

                    I mislaid some bean seeds too - and found them (sorted alphabetically correct) - in the pea box! I should know the difference! Ah well still just about time to sow.

                    Nice greenhouse Hector!


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                      Galina, you are so right. Necker gold is Mr Hectors preference....I really wanted the Beefy Grex


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                        Lol, perhaps he put the Beefy Grex in a safe place for you!