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  • Asparagus

    Just a place-holder post really, as I know little about growing asparagus. I know that asparagus beds go on producing for about 20 years or so. Over to you ..........

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    Im wrestling with decision of where to plant Asparagus/ do we plant this and sacrifice a bigger kale area.


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      Would you really sacrifice very much? Perennial kales are quite large and the space that two to four kales take up would make a decent sized asparagus bed. However I have a bird seed planted asparagus growing under a dense hedge - it seems like they can grow in an odd corner in the garden and don't need a prime spot in the sun. But as I said above, I am no expert.


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        I want to try growing asparagus too, but I'll have to wait until I get a new raised bed built and that might not be til next year. I love asparagus but it's so expensive to buy in the shops.


        • Galina
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          If you are going to grow from crowns yes, but growing from seeds you do not need to wait. They can be grown in small pots from seed in their first year. You' d only need the space next year. But it will take an extra year from seeds compared to from crowns.

        • Silverleaf
          Silverleaf commented
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          Interesting point Galina, I hadn't considered growing from seed. I'll have to look into that!