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  • Ruby Beauty Raspberry

    I don't know much about these, other than the descriptions on the net, they are a summer fruiting compact variety. I bought three plants last year for my Mum, (Raspberries are her favourite fruit) to keep in large pots so she could access them and look after them herself. I think they got a bit mixed up last year and started to flower in November! The one that had most flowers last year has not flowered this year, the canes from last year were just dead. But the two others have, on last years canes. There is a nice lot of new growth coming along too, I hope they won't try and flower again late autumn this year.

    Anyone else growing/grown these? I've a few more younger plants in smaller pots I'm growing on, T&M suggest 3 plants to a 40litre pot, but I planted mum's up individually in 30 litre pots and I'm not sure they are going to be big enough. Perhaps a small raspberry hedge would work?

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    I was very tempted by these but can't see any feedback re how they taste. I believe they were released in USA named Raspberry Shortcake