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  • Debris netting

    I’ve come across at least one reference to debris netting, I think by jayb to protect carrots. Any crop protection readily and cheaply (?) available is of great interest.
    Have you used this widely, jayb, or anyone else? Good results?

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    I've used debris netting over the years to protect peas,chickpeas works great.


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      The same as Clumsy, it works well.
      It comes in different roll widths and you can cut off the length you need. Some people say bugs get in through the holes which are for it to be fixed as (debris) netting, but to be honest I've not really had any issue with that. It's not light enough weight to lay directly on a crop like enviromesh, it will need support. Great as a windbreak for crops, in particular, brassicas do really well in a tunnel with this, carrots and parsnips again do great, better than without it.