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Best method for germinating tps, especially older tps

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  • Best method for germinating tps, especially older tps

    An interesting read:

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    That was interesting. I think seeds germinate better in the dark, that's just my theory. I do most like chilli's on the radiator but in the past it was a in a cupboard in the dark.


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      I agree with that, I still use our warm airing cupboard a lot, works a treat.

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      Seeds only need warmth to germinate, Once they have germinated then the light that the basic 's. I've in the allotment thrown seeds on top of soil to see what happens just for curiosity they do germinate without actually covering soil with them.

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    Thanks for the link, a really interesting article, good to have it tried and tested by one so accomplished. I've just been following his advice on Oca seed growing. I bought Cultivariable's book when it first came out, it's very good.