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Growing crop under polyhouse staging.

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  • Growing crop under polyhouse staging.

    I have a polyhouse with bubble cover that is designed to direct lighe all around inside. I have fixed staging and would like to grow a crop under it.

    Do you think Broad beans, Oca or Harrier squash would do ok there....any other ideas? I did wonder about Chard but suspect may be too hot?
    Ignore mess had to pull in pots due to wild a bit cramped today
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    What direction is that area facing - will shade be an issue?


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      The light looks quite good under your staging but rather difficult to tell from a photo. Are you thinking of pot grown or planted out?

      The squash seems a very good idea to me. Space for it to ramble around in, and it would certainly benefit from the warmth.


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        With my back to it, I am facing SSW. It is lightish, I think.


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          Melons maybe, if squash might be too vigorous. Oca definitely with the big advantage of a long season.


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            I have 5 dessert melons....could try there? I have numerous wee Oca, so could put them there.

            i ended up with extra Sweet Dumpling and exploring this space


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              I’m thinking Sweet Dumpling is more manageable in its growth than Harrier?
              Not sure whether that’s so, but taking up Galina’s concern that Harrier might be rather vigorous for your space.
              But your melons and oca might co-exist happily. You could presumably train melons up towards the staging if that suited.


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                Thanks so much all. I propagated before realising I would be sharing space with gym bunny. John is rearranging today and thinks we can fit more in other gym poly. If not going to try you folks suggestions. I have cheap Wilco rose arches...but wonder if strong enough for suash in our garden aka Welsh wind tunnel......its a hooley today and replanting some artichokes, so brain is focused on wind