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Harvesting Syrian Broad Beans

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  • Harvesting Syrian Broad Beans

    The question goes to galina harvesting syrian broad beans they are thin about 3 inches long I think. What size should they be before harvesting them? I'll upload a picture tomorrow to show the progress?

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    That sounds right. The pods are fairly short. If you squeeze gently on the pods, you can feel whether they are filled or not and harvest accordingly. Here is a photo for you showing pods and beans. The beans start off green like ordinary broadies, and turn black as they are getting dry. The beans themselves are smaller than normal broad bean seeds and there are mostly 4 to a pod, but you should have several pods per node.


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      Thanks Galina uploaded the pictures but not to sure if they will do.


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        They look just fine to me Clumsy. A gentle squeeze on the Syrian broad bean pods will tell you when they are ready for shelling. In the first picture the pod looks well filled. The purple pea is Sugar Magnolia for sure, the tendrils are very different from the Winterkefe tendrils. Sugar Magnolia is a snap pea, you eat them whole like French Beans. They are thick-podded not thin podded like mangetouts. The pods have no fibre, apart from the usual string which needs to be removed. Very crunchy. Yummy raw or 'topped and tailed' and just lightly steamed.

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      Okay harvested all the beans now.


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        They look ready for podding. A quick further dry of the bean once they are out of the pods, then store. Either reconstitute by soaking overnight then boiling for yummy broad bean hummus (or for adding to stews etc) during winter. Or store dry for seeds. Nice haul, Clumsy. Seeds kept dry and cook will last for 5 years easily.


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          Podded them today. Is it worth adding them to the seed circle?