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    I don’t know how unusual this growth is but I’ve never come across it before. It’s on one plant and all the way up the stems. In this part of the bed there is either Abbot or International Kidney but I've lost track somewhat of which row this plant is in. The growths look rather like potatoes attached to the stem at each leaf axil, with leaves sprouting out of their tops.

    Click image for larger version

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    From a neighbouring plant I’ve found the largest seed fruits I’ve ever seen. The smallest one is quite large; the others are the size of cherry tomatoes

    Click image for larger version

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    These seed fruits are something to behold.

    The other 'manifestations' are aerial potatoes. When something happens that affects normal potato development (usually slug action or moles), then as a survival mechanism they produce these aerial tubers. It is another form of making potatoes. I had it on Pink Belle the first year and no tubers at all. Normal ever since. Whatever upset the normal process in the first year I was growing them, has not happened since.


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      Oh and aerial tubers will keep until planting time, just like real potato tubers.


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        Thank you, Galina. Good to have a name and an explanation. Armed with a name for the phenomenon I was able to Google and found that Cultivariable has a page on aerial tubers, (
        elaborating a little but saying the same as you essentially.

        I’ll probably pull the plant up today but expect to find no subterranean tubers.