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  • Bintje Potatoes

    I've seen Bintje potatoes mentioned quite a bit and they do seem to be a very popular variety in many countries, though pretty much unheard of in the UK. Reportedly very tasty tatties and productive plants, great for chips, roasting and in caseroles. This year I've bought some Bintje seed potatoes to try for myself, though I suspect I maybe dissapointed as I have since heard they are fairly average and none too tasty. Coupled with they flower rarely and are pollen sterile I'm losing my attraction! But I am going to plant some just to see how they do and I'd love to try a few as 'French Fries'!
    I'll update on proress later in the season.

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    I planted Bintje about 18th April and noticed them starting to show along the ridges a couple days ago, quick work they are one of the earlier varieties to come through.


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      I dug up a plant last week, not a huge harvest, (can confirm the plants are not Late Blight resistant!) I've eaten them boiled and mashed so far, taste is not earth shattering but quite alright and made good eating. It would have been good to have seen how well they can harvest but I doubt that will ever be much of a possibility of that on my plot.

      It was nice to have grown them, I'll try and get a picture next time I dig some. They didn't really flower much and no berries. Not really a big wow for me, so unlikely to make it onto next years grow list.


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        Sorry you came to pretty much the same conclusion I did. They must do much better somewhere else or they wouldn't be so famous though.


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          Lol, yes they must, they have quite a following. Perhaps they need a warmer clime to shine?
          In fairness a perfectly good spud, just no oomph.


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            Well I've totally changed my mind, I cooked some as wedges the other day and they were gorgeous. Last night I cooked some as roasted, omg soooo good!

            I'll be saving a few tubers for seed next year just for wedges and roasties.

            I had one as a baked potato last week, it was nice but not outstanding like the roast


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              Oh good - maybe I never cooked them right. They just didn't cut it here. Roasted and wedges? Might then perhaps make a super Roesti too.

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            Mmm, nice idea, I haven't made any for ages, I'll give it a whirl and see