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  • Coloured Fingerling potatoes

    I'm not sure if this will happen this year as I was late planting my potatoes and there seems to be so much blight around, I'm not sure there will be enough time before disease hits. But the idea is this year or next is to save some True Potato Seed and to make some crosses with the aim of breeding long salad potatoes in a variety of colours. I already have some great types Snookie, Hot Dog and Inky Squid. But I only have these as tubers and if they are lost that's it - game over for these lovelies!

    Varieties I'd like to incorporate into this design are
    Snookie, very long with white skin, stunning salad potato
    Hot Dog, very long with pink skin and creamy flesh, gorgeous tasting salad potato
    Inky Squid, purple skin and flesh another good tasting salad type potato, amazing tuber colour
    Violetta, new to me variety, purple skin and flesh
    Emmalie, new to me variety with red flesh and skin.

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      These were the first leaves coming through, quite fun to see the different coloured leaves and stems which give a good indication to the final tuber colour.


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          I just love Snookie and Hot Dog. Stunning potatoes. What was their parentage?

          A question for you. If you bag potato flowers and ensure they self pollinate (or bag and handpollinate with other flowers of the same variety) could you then produce true-breeding TPS and keep a variety going via true seeds (like we are doing with tomatoes)?

          It would be awful to lose Snookie and Hot Dog to virus a few years down the line.


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            Thanks, I'll have to check as I know I made quite a few similar type crosses, pretty sure PFA was one though.

            ​Generally potatoes have a double set of chromosomes, so even if bagged and self pollinated they would still generated wide diversity. In a sense these tubers are producing F2 seed pods and if you think of the diversity shown in a selection of F2 peas or tomatoes and then multiply it up, you can imagine the differences. I would say though, if I'm lucky enough to get TPS at some point, then some of the offspring would be quite similar to the parent which would be smashing. It's not looking likely this year as I've Late Blight here

            This really is an area prone to L. Blight, which makes it all the more frustrating trying to grow main crop potatoes and getting ripe TPS. I definitely want to get planting earlier next year, I've no idea as to whether I get a potato maincrop this year, but if I do I can send some Hot Dog and Snookie tubers to you.


            • Silverleaf
              Silverleaf commented
              Editing a comment
              I have to do a quick correction here - ordinary potatoes are tetraploid, meaning they actually have FOUR sets of chromosomes rather than the usual two.

              Mayan Gold potatoes are diploid, i.e. have two, as do most other garden plants (and humans!)

              The weirdness of tetraploid potatoes is that no matter how many copies of a gene you have, they won't all be expressed (usually only one will), which means that there's lots more "hidden" genetic material than usual, and many more possible combinations when it self-pollinates.

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            Thanks Silverleaf, I wasn't very clear in my description, double set of chromosomes should have been in comparison to the normal 2 giving the 4 sets


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              Good news, Both Snookie and Hot Dog produce x berries.
              Pooey news, they have pretty much no resistance to blight.


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                oh goodie
                oh shame
                yep blight has started here too and I have been cutting tops, none yet on the tps Bluebelle x Ratte.


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                  Originally posted by Galina View Post
                  yep blight has started here too and I have been cutting tops, none yet on the tps Bluebelle x Ratte.
                  Sorry you have blight with you. It has spread pretty much throughout my main potato patch I've cut all the tops to the earlies unless they have berries and been removing whatever I see everyday on the remainder which is keeping the worst of it at bay. I've a row of potatoes in another part of the garden and at the moment they are clear.


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                    It isn't everywhere as yet. Just about holding due to some rapid air drying by wind. Lots of blight spots but some on the tomatoes that have dried. Fingers crossed. Looks you have it worse, although good news that some is still unaffected. There has just been so much rain this year.

                    Have you had a little feel to see whether there is anything happening tuber wise yet?


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                      Funnily it has been dryer than usual here this summer, or at least not the same amount of 24-48 hr non stop wet we often get here! No wonder blight is such an annual problem.
                      Yes, I checked both Hot Dog and Snookie - not a sausage!!!!!


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                        That's a pity. PFA is late and so are they?

                        Well we are normally (but then what is normal weather these days) very dry, one of the driest parts of the country. Not so this year. In a way this is a relief, because sometimes I am syphoning bath water as early as May! I have a very large rain water storage capability, but that is often emptied. When it is empty before the end of May and no rain then for months, it can get problematic on a water meter. Not so this year. Which is almost a novelty here. Just a few minutes ago we had another sharp shower and the water tanks are practically full.

                        During winter on the other hand we often get standing water in the garden. I had a job digging out the garlic, because they were sitting under standing water for a long time. Didn't kill them, but set the soil rock hard and it stayed rock hard despite plenty of water. For once all the softnecks were suffering and the hardnecks came to the fore. The opposite to normal.

                        Potatoes on the whole are not bad, except that I have a lot of mouse nibble (or rather I find lots of empty hulls). But with all the rain, the tuber development has been good. I was delighted with the Mozart - only chose them because of the name - Proper bakers there. I am growing part early salad pots and mostly blight resistant maincrops. The Sarpo still look immaculate and the foliage is huge. The Carolus were indeed immune to blight, but a little light in bearing and the foliage dried and died relatively early. I guess this is a variety I could start much later than I did.

                        So, fingers crossed for Hotdog and Snookie!


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                          They flowered a couple of weeks earlier than PFA, so I would have hoped not as late, though thinking is not much help here!

                          Umm the seasons do seem a little topsy turvy at the mo. I found last year mice really went for the carrots and beetroot, peas as ever.

                          Ahh Carolus, I've been meaning to ask how they performed. I think they are what I am looking for! Did they flower for you? If it's not too cheeky have you a few small ones I could have?
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                            I am very sorry, but I haven't kept any separate because I can get them again at Hants Potato Day next year. They are all stored mixed with others and OH has eaten the little ones and the half-eaten ones. I can't tell them apart from Charlotte for definite. But I will gladly get you some seed tubers from Potato Day next year - no problem.

                            Scratch that - offer to get some from potato day still stands, but I can easily tell them apart after a bit of thinking I remembered that they have red eyes, so will post you some.
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