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Will they won't they, Christmas/New year potatoes

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  • Will they won't they, Christmas/New year potatoes

    I planted up a pot of multi purpose compost 14/10 with one Abbot tuber. Giving it 10-11 weeks of autumn - winter growing to produce something for the festive season! Hmm......

    Picture progress taken on the 3/ll

    Click image for larger version

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    Nope! Methinks they might be later than Christmas and you will have to go to your stored potatoes. New year of course is another matter. Easter new potatoes? I know fairly well how greens will respond in the greenhouse over winter and what to expect. Potatoes on the other hand, that is a learning curve and I am following your experiences with great interest.


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      Lol, I'm with you! But I can dream
      To be honest, I'm a bit of a traditionalist and love mashed potato or mashed potato and swede if we are having a 'turkey Christmas meal' and wouldn't want new potatoes, it just wouldn't seem right. But on New Year's day they would be lovely, Boxing day would be good too. I have a feeling it may well be further into the New Year though!

      Looking at the picture they have already grown on a noticeable amount....

      I've been meaning to plant up another tub or two to see how they do too.


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        Talking about really yummy Boxing Day potatoes. Hotdog and Snookie scrubbed, cut into third inch 'pennies' and pan-fried in olive oil. About 15 minutes on a gentle flame in a half-covered pan stirring occasionally. At the end when they are brown and crusty a crushed garlic clove over the top and a bit of salt, another stir and YUM!

        How did your potatoes work out?


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          Oooh they sound good, did you pan fry them from raw or pre boiled? Love crispy bits of garlic, yum!
          It all got a bit much at Christmas time, I didn't even bother to look. I don't think there would have been a crop though they were just that little bit too late going in. The plant is still growing and I've had a little firkle, there are definitely potatoes underneath, I'm keeping them for mums birthday next month. I'll try and plant some more this coming September, see how they get on.
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            From raw - garlic does not get all that crispy because it is added last minute, but the potatoes themselves do get crispy. I make them in a cast iron pan and get some slight sticking (which scrapes off easily for extra crispy bits). In a non-stick pan this would probably not happen.

            That is a very unique birthday present - nowhere else would a Mum get new potatoes freshly grown in March.

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          I had boiled Snookies last night, I purposefully cooked too many so I could have they again either in a salad or refried! But I'll try some your way very soon.

          Lol, potatoes for mum, after this wait, they better be good!
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            Well we finally ate them, not quite the Christmas potatoes, but they were a real treat, lovely and creamy.


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              great stuff, fresh potatoes in March? green fingers for sure and they tasted good. Congratulations.

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            Thanks and I wish it were down to me... but I think far more likely the mild winter!