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  • Aimée [from Desirée]

    One of the twelve new varieties I selected from my TPS project last year. Aimée grew from seed from Desirée which is a potato I like a lot. I picked this one because it was the standout in terms of productivity.

    Not bad for a plant from TPS in tight spacing with no food. Harvested 30/10/15.

    Ordinary-looking tubers, yellowish skin and cream flesh. Tasted good, stored well.

    Plant grown from tuber (sown 31/03/16), photo taken 23/05/15. All potatoes spaced at 30cm both directions in a raised bed.

    First flower opened 25/06/16.

    Since the parent is a maincrop, I'm expecting this one to be late too.
    Weeding between the plants.
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    And they are flowering already - lovely! As you so kindly sent me a tuber it will be interesting to compare how they do here.


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      Yeah, definitely interesting to see how they do in different conditions.


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        I'm a bit worried I can't find mine!!!!! I've still plants to harvest, but still not sure where they are
        How are yours doing?


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          They were unfortunately not that special here, but nice enough and will grow again. Yield was not very high here. Good flavour and certainly good with blight too.
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            Oh good I'm glad you had a crop, LB resistance and good flavour sound excellent qualities to me
            In that case they may well have survived


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            There are still several to come in yet, I just know there are some some gaps and missing labels. where is that masterplan when I need it. Next year I'm going to photocopy it onto the computer.


            • Galina
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              I have kept two tubers for next year, the others are in the food store. You are welcome to one tuber, Jayb.