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    This is one I picked this out from the selection of Blue Belle tps plants I grew last year and I'm very glad I did as it has grown really well. I've three plants, which are quite tall, getting quite straggly now, but they were bushy. Best though,they have missed Late blight which hit the plot a couple of months ago. I pulled one plant earlier today, nice size crop with lots of large tubers and there doesn't appear to be any LB tuber damage either. I've had a running battle with the pheasants (I think) which have been uncovering the tubers where they dust bathe, so there will be some losses and green ones. I might cut my losses and pull the other two plants this afternoon.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	010.JPG Views:	1 Size:	339.5 KB ID:	6799

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    Yes this might well be the Blue Belle tps that I have. I had a feeling the tuber was from you. Must start a database as it is getting too much to hold in my brain. Looks very similar and nice large tubers, much larger than BlueBird from Silverleaf, which had numerous, smaller tubers that were yellow with purple 'ticks' around the eyes.

    Black Lippy! Like the name


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      I can't quite remember, I know I meant to send some to Silverleaf as well, but I never posted them! I found an envelope all ready to post.....
      Good to know you had a good harvest with them too. I'll get some better shots for you to compare with yours.

      Yes a lot of large tubers, a bit too big really, but good production nevertheless. The three plants yielded 21 lb 8 oz or 9.749 kg, largest was 8lb 9oz / 3.903kg.
      We had Blue Belle jacket potatoes last night, I'm going to cook some of these today and see how they compare.


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        These are a lovely tasting potato, had one baked last evening, very nice and without doing a side by side comparison I fancy a better tasting potato than Blue Belle.


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          Black Lippy, washed.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	006.JPG
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          Black lipstick kiss
          Click image for larger version

Name:	016.JPG
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          Scrubbed ready for baking
          Click image for larger version

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            Did not have any black 'lipstick' markings, but the same almost yellow stripe below the eye that you have. My purple is slightly darker, but I am pretty convinced that this is the Blue Belle tps you gave me so I will go with Black Lippy for a better name.. A few pictures for you Jayb - with thanks .
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              Oooh they are darker, though I fancy from the pictures I can make out a darker black eye or lipstick? Did they crop well?


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                Not bad, but slugs did have their way. I had one tuber that was also grown in an area that wasn't a proper potato row, so I reserve final judgement for next year. But I have a number of tubers in the store box and these were in the 'eat first' box due to slug holes etc.


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                  Interesting you found them a slug magnet, luckily I hadn't noticed that last year, but will keep an eye and pull them early if needed - always assuming they get past LB!

                  I've 12 plants in the main plot and one in a bucket. They've kind of replaced Blue Belle for me this year.


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                    A late planting by me, but they are coming along, though the wind and rain these last few days has done some damage, lots of broken off stems on many plants.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      First flowers, pretty in pink with brush marks. Lots of pollen, fingers crossed for some berries, plus I couldn't help but dab a bit of Red Emmalie pollen on a couple of flowers.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Exquisite flower colour. Mine don't flower so far. But I have flowers on a volunteer Palest Pink Eye, unfortunately they are drying off and nothing has set.

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                      Hope they do flower for you This is the only plant flowering so far, but I can see buds on others down the line. so I might be lucky, a lot will depend on the weather.

                      What a shame PPE is generally a good berry setter, I've plenty of seeds here if you would like some, I know it's not the same as having berries set on your plants, but you are very welcome. I've another couple of sibling plants, very similar but a little slower to flower, they are still in bud. They are from saved tubers from last years tps I'm hoping they do well again this year and can perhaps have a good resistance to LB too.


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                        What was interesting is that they did not flower last year. And the ones I selected to plant aren't showing any flowers either. But the volunteer just burst into flower. Still hoping for berries as there are many buds left. Just interesting that the rogues do better than the carefully planted ones. I dug the bed over carefully. Sure I didn't miss any big tubers. But the plant itself looks so healthy. So I am still hopeful, but will remember your kind offer if nothing happens here.

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                      No flowers and quite dark again this year here. But I had better 'lippy' markings than last year. I may have dug these up a little early as I had a number of small tubers. These smaller ones were much lighter in colour and with very distinctive markings.
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                        Wow your's are dark again, I wonder if it's the soil? Not huge amounts of flowers here either but a steady trickle of blooms, full of pollen, but doesn't seem to do much!
                        Mine are still in the ground, too much LB around to do any serious harvesting, although the plants are ok at the moment, tomorrow who knows!

                        Not huge flavour but I think very nice and seem to make a good all purpose tatty.

                        If I get as far as seeds you're very welcome to some.