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    Violetta from seed. Purple black, coal black and yellow (and maybe red, but I am not sure the red might be a Skagit Magic tps, due to my confusion at harvest time). The lovely large black baker sized ones unfortunately have been badly hollowed out by slugs. This is not so good. It was difficult to harvest them, given that they wire still flowering like mad and pretty blight resistant too, but had I harvested earlier, the tubers would have probably been in better shape. My favourites are the coal black tubers and the yellows.

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    This picture shows reddish round tubers which are probably not one of the Violetta tps tubers but Skagit Magic. The last ones are lovely large sizes but riddled with slug holes unfortunately. Maybe they should have been harvested much earlier. Pity.
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      Have cut them open: The baker is deep purple inside, the 'coal' one is dark black inside. One of the greyer black ones is yellow inside and another purple. The red one which I am not sure about whether it is a Violetta, is orangey yellow inside. The yellow Violetta is yellow inside.