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  • Dwarf Pepper Project

    These are hopefully the start of some pods forming for this mini-project, they are a cross of Caldero F1 x Dwarf mix pollen f1. It's too soon to tell if the tiny pods will continue to develop but fingers crossed. I think any plants grown from this cross will likely be all over the place as both parents are F1's, but I'm hoping eventually to find some nice size dwarf pepper plants, whether hot or sweet in the mix.

    Cotten on the cross-pollinated flower/pods
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    A few days later is another cross I've attempted, Aji Cristal x Mowhawk F1 and Redskin F1, too early to see if the crosses have taken but I'll try again if they don't form. Again one to look for small growing chilli and peppers.


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      Interesting crosses. Dwarf pepper plants ideal for winter growing.

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      Yes, that's the idea, forgo some production for neat compact plants. I think just growing out saved seeds of the 4 dwarf varieties should give a fair selection even without making the crosses, but the thought of a nice little dwarf Aji was the draw. With spring on the way I should be able to grow out the F1's from this cross and have F2 seed in time for autumn sowing. I can select for dwarf types then. More than happy to share some seeds (assuming I get some) if you would like some to select from too.