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    Hope they first I read that as cooked in a dish versus got warm.

    it would be terrific if you could get a stripey one.


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      Lol, yes reading it back it does sound that way! I don't think there will be any stripy ones, but something else interesting might turn up though it is a remote chance.


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        I planted 10 Enjoya seeds in February 2017 in my greenhouse, from a beautiful specimen fruit I purchased at Whole Foods here in central Virginia in the fall of 2016, and properly saved the seeds. Took about 3 weeks until 4 of the seeds germinated! No other germinations (and I gave up on addition germinations July 1st, 2017). The four that popped up were the slowest sweet pepper plants I have ever started, but I moved them out about June 20th after hardening off. One died but the other 3 hung in there, and by August 1st they were about 14 to 16 inches tall and I noticed each plant had 2 or 3 tiny infant peppers. By the 3rd weekend (HOT, zone 7a) in August the plants maxed out at 18 - 19 inches tall, and the little peppers were still green and the three largest were about the size of a golf ball. None eventually achieved the size of a baseball and by mid-Sept all had 2 or 3 shades of orange splotching - random and appeared relative to the amount of direct sunlight received. Anyway, this past year was very disappointing compared to the unique (and sweet, juicy, tasty) fruit I purchased. I saved about 20 seeds, none of my fruit had many seeds, and I will try again this year. In fact, I will sow the seeds about 1/20/2018 this year. In final, my plants received a moderate amount of blue label Neptune’s Harvest via a foliage spray starting 2 weeks after transplant and every three weeks thereafter. Well, there's some info - maybe it will help someone. I remain open to any suggestions. Good luck to all that try this one themselves!


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          Well you have more favourable climate than we have Organic and still it wasn't easy and disappointing. These are a hard nut to crack. Clearly a hybrid. Although good that you saw more than one colour. Good luck for this year. I am not familiar with Neptun's Harvest, but it sounds like you took very good care of them. Maybe you get a gem in this generation. Let's hope so.