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  • Nigel's Chilli

    Growing this from Real Seed Uk. Apparently can ripen outdoors in UK.....Im growing in poly.

    Here is what they say about it...
    From Nigel Green of Halesworth, Suffolk, this chilli really will tolerate growing outside in the UK. We were sceptical, but it does indeed ripen outdoors with no protection here in Wales. Indeed, the picture on the far right is from our back garden in Newport, where it has ripened properly red despite being swamped by a trial squash plant.

    It makes wedge-shaped 2-inch hot green fruit that later ripen to red if we have a hot summer. They are medium hot, and very sweet, making a fantastic chilli chutney, or we like them sliced on top of pizza.

    Although it does fruit outdoors, you will of course get far more chillies if you grow it under cover. It is a medium-sized plant, and can also do well in a container on a sunny patio.

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    This sounds very yummy, Hector.


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      I grew them a few years back, a little hot for me (no surprise there) and meant to grow them again but never got around to it. I'm afraid mine didn't thrive outdoors with me, but I think that was mostly me planting them out late. Look forward to their progress.