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Hungarian Black

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  • Hungarian Black

    Lovely looking plant....leaf colouring and the chilli. Just taken this pic.

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    Stunning colours, makes a really striking plant. You're in for a feast of colours with the different varieties
    I like the bowls for watering, are you using a capillary with them?


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      I love the colours too. THis plants beside a Gelbe so will have purple and yellow fruit beside each other

      Each pot has a thin strip of capolliary matting coming up through bottom of pot ( I soldered wee slits and drainage holes) so there is water from bottom coming upp to roots.
      so water into trug bowls with feed too.
      i have a solar watering system Irrigatia for when we are away/ busy. Works great.


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        Brilliant, it sounds very efficient and well thought out
        I've been using fish boxes with three large pots raised in them with a wick in each, it works but not as refined or pretty as yours. Is the solar watering system home designed?


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          I've also grown Hungarian Black. Here's a picture from a plant in late June.

          2nd pic is a Pot Black. I'll save seed from both and probably continue to grow both varieties, because they're so attractive.
          The Pot Black is hotter, earlier, more compact and more productive. Both varieties are non-F1s.


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            So pretty the contrast between green and purple.