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Sugar Magnolia x Charlie's Goldsnap

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  • Sugar Magnolia x Charlie's Goldsnap

    I have a pretty good red snap podded pea out of this cross. And a whole lot of funny ones with odd colours. Just as edible mind you, but the red one was the intended outcome from this cross and I got a pretty fully covering red. Have a look at the photo. This will be dedicated to grandson. Last year's decent red mangetout is for his mother DD. I intended the extra long yellow for the other grandson, but with the advent of a second yellow snap I wonder whether that should go to my other grandson. We will see how it develops next year before making any decision.

    But this red snap is a bit of a breakthrough and I am thrilled with it.
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    Congratulations! Is this the first red snap?


    • Galina
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      Yes it is. As I commented when we talked about crossing ideas to Jang earlier this year, I did not have any at this stage. And they are going to be different from her crosses, as all mine were based on Court Estate Gold and Amish Snap for the Charlie's Goldsnap which then was crossed with Sugar Magnolia. Yes Golden Sweet is in the ancestry of CEG, but a lot of other genes are in this mix too. So really looking forward to your results Jang.

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    Beautiful. How very exciting. ‘Bit of a breakthrough’ is an understatement!


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      Thank you. Cannot wait to read about your crosses and how they turn out Jang
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