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  • A few peas

    Just a few of the peas I harvested yesterday.

    Click image for larger version

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    left to right Spring Blush, 2 x Charlie's Goldsnap, Beauregarde, Court Estate Gold

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    F2 variability. These were grown from a few F1 seeds of Sugar Magnolia x Court Estate Gold. 5 plants, 3 mangetouts 2 snaps. One green MT one yellow and one yellow with red. Two snaps, one yellow with patchy red and one very large green.

    I also grew Charlie's Goldsnap x Sugar Magnolia and got all snaps, which was predicted starting with two snap peas, but I had a yellow, a green, a partial blotchy red and a green and purple.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	smxcegf2diversity.JPG Views:	0 Size:	145.5 KB ID:	12971


    • Jang
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      Interesting. Do you find much variability within one plant?

      Have you decided how many, or which, you can take on to F3?
      Such possibilities.

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    This is always the problem. Apart from the proper red one, which was in another batch of the CH G Sn x Magnolia Blossom, the only one I like is that big green snap. The greenish yellow mangetout is quite productive, but I have many other ones. I think we can say that the red and yellow snap only has one of the purple genes, so no possibility of another showing itself, as only recessives show themselves and likewise the mangetout. Both are small to boot. If I had had a solid purple in the F2 then it would be worth keeping, as the red recessive could still come to the fore in future generations.

    From this batch there is nothing overly exciting, but it is a good demonstration how diverse the F2 generation is. In other batches I had solid purple and also red (yes!) as well as green and purple blotchy. Being generous (as if I did not have dozens of other lines to grow out at various stages ) maybe the yellow mangetout and the green snap warrant another outing. What would you do?

    I am always fascinated (although it is not a particularly attractive colour) but this greenish yellow, so different from golden yellow and yet clearly not green either. I have no idea how that translates into a colour gene or a colour modifying gene and would gladly get advice from anybody who understands these things.

    Any of the mangetouts could potentially turn into a snap in future generations if that recessive comes to the fore. At a recessive ratio of 4 to 1, out of this sample of 5 I got slightly more snaps than expected, but for a proper ratio I would have to grow many more F2 plants, this is statistically not meaningful. If the dice had gone another way, they could have all been mangetouts.

    No variability at all within one plant. The plant with the small blotchy red snaps produces all blotchy red snaps. The F2 is the beginning of a new line. The only difference is that earlier peas have more vibrant colours, but the colours and the pod type is fixed and the same for all peas on that plant. As these are early generations after the cross, they will themselves, in turn diversify, at half the rate every generation. More and more recessives can show themselves in future generations. Like the purple green blotchy type could turn into a red and yellow blotchy one and I am not sure what the greenish yellow one could turn into. But I see no way how the missing second purple gene could appear without a new cross to maybe introduce it, so these blotchy lines are interesting but worthless.

    There is one very weird thought that went through my mind. The red on the yellow mangetout and the missing red on the snap almost make a full covering red. Are they actually complementing each other and if crossed, would they potentially make a full red? Again anybody who can explain the genetics please comment.
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      Thanks for sharing these photos. A truly handsome selection of pods. The CEG is particularly vibrant in the first photo. I love the shape of Charlie's Goldsnap.
      What is your opinion of Beauregarde?


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        It is if anything a milder flavour than expected from a purple mangetout, but the pod has a different mouthfeel. This is very hard to describe but not quite as juicy as the usual mangetouts, but a bit more solid, almost like a shelled pea. Or perhaps a bit more like a bean. Just a little different. Colour was very purple.


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          Interesting. So it's tough, but no parchment? I get the feeling you're being polite!

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        Not tough, no, but more solid, substantial and no need to be polite. I liked them better than Shiraz.


        • Jang
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          I was interested to try Shiraz and expecting from a few comments here to find them fairly awful. Perhaps because I steeled myself, I was agreeably surprised to find them more acceptable than I expected. Not wildly exciting but fairly OK.

          Not sure whether this is caused by my lack of discerning taste buds, a variability in the strain or a variability in soil, weather etc.