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  • Galina's peppers

    Such a lovely cherry red - these Rocoto peppers 'Alberto Locoto' are growing in the greenhouse from second year plants which have grown to the roof of the greenhouse. Seeds are black and flowers are purple.

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    Stunning crop, they are hot


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      Yes, OH and I agree on half a pepper per dish - no more. However if used not quite ripe (reddish but before the seeds go black), or green they are a lot less hot.


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        I've got a real soft spot for Rocoto peppers, even though the plants get huge and are cor blimey hot! I've some Rocoto Manzano Orange and they have done so well this year, same as your overwintered plants. I'm aiming to put some of the seeds in the Seed circle this year. Hot hot!

        Fingers crossed it's not too cold this winter and I can keep some plants in the polytunnel. Will you be overwintering your plants again this year?


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          I will leave them and if they do survive, fine, if not, there are plenty of these peppers in the freezer and seeds are plentiful too. If they make it - great, if not, I'll probably grow another pepper in the space (or a lima bean) I can make more plants easily. Pepper seeds freeze well, must remember to put some by though..


          • Galina
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            Definitely a no. I left them to overwinter in the greenhouse again, but it was most likely too cold for them this winter. Whilst they may be the pepper that can tolerate a few minus degrees C, it is only v e r y few. Our more average winter is too cold for them in the greenhouse. When I grow them (or the orange rocotos) next, I will dig them up over winter.

            I presume they can live for longer than two seasons if they don't get frosted?