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  • Seeds

    I was trying to motivate myself for next year. Can we still buy seeds from eu and rareseeds I was looking at the summer squashes/ cucumbers not much varieties any more or is it just me.

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    No idea whether EU companies will ship to us anymore, but Rareseeds has been fine.
    Also in case you missed my post, has some good varieties on sale for £1 right now, including Benning's Green Tint.

    Let me know more about what you are seeking - I owe you some seeds!


    • Galina
      Galina commented
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      Sorry to confuse. PM sent.

    • clumsy
      clumsy commented
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      Was just looking at the moment but noticed the squashes on rareseeds had less varieties or it could just be me. I clicked on the yellow free shipping took me to another page it said no shipping to the eu. Plus with brexit can we still by from eu?

      Got callaloo seeds from the Jamaican plot holder plus some callaloo to take home also and some seeds from the Indian plot holder next to me. Starting to build a seed collection again.

    • triffid
      triffid commented
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      Rareseeds still ship to GB, for $5. When a variety is out of stock sometimes they temporarily delist it which is why you might be noticing a smaller catalogue, but I haven't really noticed.

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    I'm glad you are starting to build a seed collection again It's good to look to the future.

    I think most eu seed companies won't be shipping to the uk anymore, which is a shame. I guess it makes saving and sharing seeds between friends all the more important.

    Also I wonder if August is not the best for seed stocks, companies are perhaps busy putting together their collection for the new season.


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      At the moment just looking can't buy yet anyway. probably late November onwards.


      • jayb
        jayb commented
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        Will this be for growing at home or at the allotment?