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    Sorry I've not been around just recently. Horrid last week, Saffie got kicked in the eye and she's been really bad with it. Been taking her back and fore to the vets and eye specialist, she's been it a lot of pain and has lost the sight in one eye, which is likely to have to be removed, but luckily there doesn't seem to be any brain damage and she is already starting to cope with the situation. She's hopefully coming off one lot of painkillers today, fingers crossed she will be ok. The vet is going to make another assessment tomorrow when we take her in, she may be operated on this week.

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    What a dreadful thing to happen to Saffie and an operation to come is pretty major too. It would be good if she was spared the op, but losing sight in one eye and a head wound are awful. So sorry you had to go through all that. Wish her a fast recovery. Don't know the circumstances, but hope she won't be traumatised by what's happened. Sophie got bitten on her back (very minor injury by comparison) and she was apprehensive of large dogs for weeks afterwards. Hope she will soon be painfree again and not need the op. Yes, fingers crossed and a hug for you.. .


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      I'm taking Saf in to the vet tomorrow to have her eye removed, she seems quite relaxed tonight and isn't in any pain but the eye is deteriorating.
      I don't think any lasting trauma from the kick, it was a complete accident, she unexpectedly came up behind a horse, which kicked out in fright.

      Poor Sophia, she must have had a nasty fright, hope she is over it now.


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        Soph is fine now, thank you. Yes you can warn people about horses kicking, but not dogs. Hope all goes well tomorrow. What a worry. Please give her a pat and a stroke from me. So sorry she had to find out the hard wayabout horses and you had all this to deal with. Is she tolerating the 'lampshade' collar?

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      Oh I'm really sorry to hear about both dogs, that must be such a worry. I'm sure Saf will cope fine with one eye, dogs don't rely on their sight nearly as much as we do and she'll get used to it very quickly. She might bump into things for a bit but she'll learn.

      I don't think my Summer had much sight left in her last year (cataracts) but she managed familiar places quite well, if a little cautiously.


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        Is she tolerating the 'lampshade' collar?
        She had one before which didn't go well at all and she ended up having a onesie to stop her getting at the stitches. This time she has to wear the lampshade, apparently there is a large blood vessel that fed the eye, it has been tied off but if she scratches her eye before it has healed....

        She's still quite groggy from the op, anesthetic and painkillers, so not moving around much yet. She's had a little first breakfast and a couple of walks in the garden this morning and thankfully is back on her bed asleep at the moment. Given her an extra pat and stroke from you Thanks.

        I'm sure you're right silverleaf, she was already adapting, it's more me taking time to adjust to her loss. I think her sight with one eye will still be better than my two!
        Your Summer sounds like she was very sensible and took good care of herself and you.


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          Well sight is our primary sense so it's natural for us to feel the loss of an eye very acutely, especially as our other senses are relatively poor. A dog's senses of smell and hearing are both much better than its sight, with smell being their primary.

          I guess a dog losing an eye would be a bit like us going deaf in one ear, perhaps.

          Glad she's recovering so well from the op!

          Yes, Summer was a lovely dog. I don't think I'll ever stop missing her but I'm over her death now and it's easy to remember her life with happiness instead of mourning her loss.


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            Glad you are both home and this ordeal is over. Hope for a fast recovery for Saf and that the pain soon goes and she will be back to her normal bouncy self. But these are major wounds to heal. Poor girl.

            By chance I met a dog yesterday who was blind in both eyes. Well had the owner not told me, I would not have known. She came up to greet me and did not bump into me at all. Knew exactly when to stop. Yes I am sure it is like Silverleaf said. We have an optical 'map' and dogs have a smell 'map' of their surroundings. Dogs only need to see immediate obstacles. I am always surprised how short sighted Sophie is. We usually go and meet OH from work when Sophie is visiting here and she does not see him until quite late, then she goes crazy at the lead and wants to run. But when the wind is in the right direction, she picks up his scent before I can see him. On the other hand she can find the way to MIL's house without fail, even when she hasn't been there for months. That's got to be by smell memory. If we have her on the long lead, she has a choice which turn to take and she goes the right way every time.

            More little pats for Saf and hope she heals fast and without problems. Does she need stitches taking out? Dog in a onesie? Oh the indignity! Lampshade though this time. She'll be fine with it if there is no other choice.

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              Dogs can recognise people by smell as well as we do by seeing their faces. And we're brilliant at recognising people by sight.

              So yeah, they definitely do have a smell map of familiar places.

              Interestingly, rats do a similar thing with their whiskers, using touch to create a mental map.


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                How is Saffie today?


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                  Saf, is now started to make a good recovery

                  Her sown up eye looks to be healing ok and the swelling is reducing each day, although still a little spotting of blood from her nose every now and then. She's regained her appetite. which is great as she can be a picky eater anyway, but she is getting lots of her favourite foods to tempt her. So relieved she has turned the corner as I was quite worried, she slept right through last night which is a fab. She can't go out with out a lead on and has to wear the collar for another week yet, she's a bit of a thug with the collar on!

                  Thanks for the positive vibes


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                    So sorry to read about the accident, poor dog! Glad she's doing well.


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                      Yes, very glad she is on the mend and sleeping and eating. Looks like she will soon be back to her usual self. Sorry about the collar struggles. Not long now and it can come off.


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                        Saffy is seeing the vet on tuesday when she hopefully gets the final thumbs up, although we were allowed to remove her collar yesterday. It was bliss all around! She is just so much happier now she can move freely, she is like a different dog and so much more like her old self! Happy days


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                          Yay, go Saffy!


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                            Amazing, she's still pretty hot chasing a ball and catching her frisbee


                            • Galina
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                              Good for her! ................... and what a relief for you!