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    I've been trying to upgrade to Windows 10, but it doesn't want to play and I keep getting one or more errors which won't let it load properly. Then I had problems getting into my emails - nightmare! Not being the most computer literate it's all really time consuming and hugely frustrating!!!!!!

    I've given up on trying for the moment, perhaps they will come up with a fix I can understand what they are on about!

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    You are so much braver than I am. Windows 7 seems such a benign operating system - why change? Call me a Luddite (and yes, I will happily admit that I have a reluctance to ditch a perfectly working system for a shiny - but still beta! - new one). OH has a practical rule and that is his employer. If and when the company (with their IT help department) say switch at work, then we switch at home as well. And they haven't yet.

    Sorry you are getting into a stress. TeeGee on A4A recently gave the url of a help page (which you probably already know about).


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      Lol, not so much braver....
      I just thought after several had said it was really simple and they liked 10 it would be ok to give it a whirl! Oh well.
      I think I looked that page up along with several others, it seems quite a lot of people are getting the same error codes as I was getting and there is yet to be a proper fix for it.