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Making photos small enough to post

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  • Making photos small enough to post

    plants coming on great, so want to post some pics....but keep getting messqge too

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    Yes I always convert them to 'document' size before uploading. How did you try to do it Hector?

    Looking forward to your pics.


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      Im on an Ipad, so usually send them to myself choosing small. Doesnt work here, so will get an app. Test Munty pic


      • Galina
        Galina commented
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        Silverleaf uses a tablet, I think an Ipad. I use a camera, download, then use the Microsoft photo tool to crop as necessary and to compress to document size, then upload.

        Munty frame looking good Hector.

      • Silverleaf
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        Yes, I almost always use iphone or ipad. Most of my shots are pea flowers or pods which need cropping anyway so I can uploads them straight away, but I'll occasionally get where I need to upload to Google Photos and link to it instead.

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      It tells me I am using pics greater than 900000 bytes! It seems to work with wee ap Ive this rate I will be able to programme the video recorder

      thanks. JOhn is pleased with the interesting to see results from it. If it stops raining Ill take some pics


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        That's a cracking Munty frame you have there. Is it John's handy work? I haven't had one for a few years but they work beautifully and a pleasure to pick beans from

        If it's any help, I post pictures from the computer, by uploading an attachment or if I've several I use the 'image' from the advanced editor. I haven't much of a clue how to get them the right size other than I use picasa to put them ready for exporting, seems to work most of the time. I've not tried using a mobile sorry.


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          Thank you. It is John's..he is well-pleased with it

          the ap I got works but winging it!!!


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            Does anyone post pictures straight from their phone, I don't know how to get them to a suitable size to upload here?
            I've worked out how to do them from the computer now I've managed to reinstall Picasa (on the computer) from a saved copy. It's just so easy to use and I couldn't find another similar program that compares. Our interlink speed here is so poor I've given up trying to upload pictures to cloud.


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              Sorry I've never tried straight from my phone. Posted phone pics from PC and strangely never had to resize either.


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                Thanks, I'll have another go, it would make it easy if it can be done.


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                  No, this forum takes any size and then lets you display them smaller. Directly from the phone, no idea. OH's Iphone gets downloaded and somehow the photo gizmo programs on the computer take over. Then I place what I want on the desk top, open with Microsoft Photo program and trim and resize to document size, then upload. I am getting quite quick at this, but it is a many step palaver.


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                    Hmm, I've been trying to see if settings can be tweaked to take any size pictures but having no luck so far

                    Thanks Galina, have to agree it's a faff! It's not so bad if I want to post the same picture in a couple of places, as once they are a suitable size they can be posted most places. Except for tomatoville forum they have to be really small there!