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When to pick peas for seed?

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  • When to pick peas for seed?

    I'm just wondering what you think is the earliest you can safely pick pods for seed saving and what you find the best methods for picking/harvesting and drying seeds are? Apologies if this has already been asked.

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    I'm relatively inexperienced but I've been taking out a whole variety when most pods are crispy, then have stripped the pods off and kept them in mushroom crates for a few days. If there's the odd one green I discard that, but when I get round to podding them - usually because I'm surrounded and need the space - I will pod those that are crispy and also those that are a bit leathery. I then leave them labelled in a shallow box usually for a month or so, till I'm sure they're all thoroughly dry.

    So I suppose the quick rule of thumb I give myself is crispy pods good, leathery fine if allowed to continue to dry some more in or out of the pod. Leathery-podded germinated 100% when I sowed them immediately, so I'm assuming that at that stage they've developed all they need for germination.


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      Concur with all of that Jang. With the advent of hot weather you can get crispy pods before the seeds are large, so that is not always an indicator. But large seeds are ready, even if the pods are still not fully crisp.

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    Thank you both.
    I'm getting a little angsty about judging seed quality vs avoiding field mice/voles. I'm trying to avoid any interest from them for as long as possible.

    I've been picking some pods as soon as they get to that rough stage (leathery) and then leaving them on a windowsill in their opened pod to dry down a bit more.


    • Jang
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      That seems to me to be a good strategy especially with rather precious seeds. You're guaranteeing at least a small number that way and then you can risk leaving the majority a bit longer. I'm all for backing a few different horses that way.

      I lost a few early ones, presumably to mice or voles, but at the moment they have quite a lot else going for them so hopefully they won't be attracted to your precious pea seeds - or to any of ours!

    • jayb
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      Thanks for that and I do hope so.
      They are mostly F1 plants I've been picking pods from, it would be a couple of years lost and no guarantee to have the same parents again.
      I think the main lot of Salmon Flowered crosses will mostly end up being picked on mass, they are just planted so thickly I can't really do anything else. I'd like to get a few of the bip types and some of the crowns separate otherwise, I'm ok if the remainder end up going into a mix, I've tagged quite a few which should enable some sorting.

      Plus I'm keeping a close eye on the bip+ (splish splash) and its crosses (well the ones I can still see), none are ripe enough to pick yet.