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  • Brassica seed saving

    I have Catskill Brussel sprouts from HSL, also a swede. As it is more difficult getting more seeds from either, if successful, I would like to save seeds. Am I right in thinking that sprouts are very easy, just a few sprouts from a good dozen plants will do, the rest of the sprouts can be harvested for the pot?

    But the swede being a root crop is wholly used up for seed saving I assume. Or can you slice off half the root and leave the other half to produce seeds? Any thoughts please.

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    Carrots, beets, and root brassicas have a good portion sliced out and eaten to select for quality before replanting for seed, so I would not have thought it to be much of a problem.


    • triffid
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      For globular roots the side is taken off in 'cheeking'.

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    Thank you for introducing the concept of 'cheeking' Triffid. Yes glad that this is a 'thing', as there are not a huge amount of seeds in the HSL packets. And I shall have to be very careful with every one of them.


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      Did you end up slicing your swedes, Galina?
      The ones here are bolting. I'd rather have them growing in a different area of the plot but it's probably too late to transplant.


      • Galina
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        No, as the seeds are still in their packets. To be grown this year. I grew a common garden variety last year and they have survived our winter well, we just ate the last ones as green tops. I sowed a little too late and many of them did not get beyond apple size, some made no meaningful bulk at all before winter. But now I know that I can grow them here and they will survive into the seed producing stage. Time this year for the rare HSL seeds to come out of the freezer. And this is where your advice will be followed.