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Fermented tomato seeds

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  • Fermented tomato seeds

    Have just fermented seeds from my first two Alpatieva tomato fruits. As you can see from the picture there is still the tiniest bit of gel on some seeds after 3 days, 4 days fermenting might have been better, but what I was surprised by is the range of colours of these seeds. From beige, over yellow-brown to dark brown. I had several other batches of tomato seeds today and none show these seed colours, they were all beige-yellow. Any ideas?

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    Sometimes different stages of ripeness will give different colour/staining to the seed coat. Seed colour is sometimes lighter in less ripe fruits. perhaps this happened here and as only two fruits they contrast more. Whereas if lots of seeds mixed from more fruits then the differences between them would be less noticeable? Similarly two batches of the same seed fermented for different periods can give different coloured seeds.

    I find if fruits aren't very ripe the gel can take longer to break down, or sometimes if a fruit has a bit of rot them it seems to take longer too, not sure why.