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  • Young Tomato plants

    Following on from a post on another thread, I know it's likely you don't have any space, but I have spare seedlings of the following if you are interested;
    1. AAA Sweet Solano
    2. BTD
    3. BTDH
    4. Boars Hoof
    5. Dino Eggs
    6. Evan’s Purple Pear
    7. Golden Gates
    8. Indigo Apple
    9. Pineapple Pig
    10. Pink Boar
    11. Pork Chop
    12. Red Furry Boar
    13. Sherry’s Sweet Heart
    14. Solar Flare
    15. Spot Yellow
    16. Trenton’s Tiger
    17. Wine Jug
    18. Yellow Furry Boar
    19. Yellow Furry Hog
    1. Dr Carolyn
    2. Green Doctors
    3. Green Zebra Cherry
    4. Moskovich

    If anyone would like some plants then you are welcome. They are not very big, all multiple sown in modules at the end of April. I'm potting mine up in a day or two so if you could let me know fairly soon. The first list are all Wild Boar Farms varieties, not necessarily all my favourites, the seed was old and needed replacing.
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    Ah I see a comparison coming up with YF Boar and YF Hog. Presumably your YFH are potato leafed?


    • jayb
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      You know me so well x
      Yes YFH are potato leafed (PL) and originally from Ruud, although I think in this latest batch I've spotted a regular leaf amongst the bunch, so I may keep it on as well.
      I'm growing several of the yellow boar-hog-pig, pig-boar-hog varieties growing this year, it's kind of a repeat growout to double-check the best of the bunch. Though I'm not sure any will beat Blonde Boar which from memory is pretty awesome.

    • Galina
      Galina commented
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      Not knowing so many I loved the YFH flavour with its clear hit of citrus. Normally yellows tend to be boring, these weren't. The only other yellow with outstanding flavour is Medovaya Kaplya.

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    Oh dear, you temptress - a very generous temptress though, it has to be said.
    I would love a few even though it's complete folly!! I'll try to give them a good home though. I'll pm.

    As a matter of interest which would you say are amongst your favourites?


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      Top top picks from this list for me would be
      Berkeley Tie Dye Heart
      Pink Boar
      Solar Flare
      Green Doctors
      Green Zebra Cherry

      Where as
      AAA Sweet Solano
      Boar's Hoof
      Dino Eggs
      Evan's Purple Pear
      Would likely be at the bottom of my taste/enjoyment scale, but tastes change and I'm keeping an open mind.

      Berkeley Tie Die would rate higher if it chose to grow and fruit better.


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        Thanks JayB...sorry work been mad, sending you a message


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          Thank you both, but

          Unfortunately, my car has a flat battery. I've got it charging, although I'm not sure if it will be ready in time for me to make the post today


          • Jang
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            Hope you got your car working In the end. Had exactly the same when I needed to set out to the postbox a few days ago after probably a three week gap.
            And the pains you have gone to are very much appreciated. Good luck with getting mobile again.

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          Honestly- no pressure whatsoever!! I have to keep pumping up tyres in mine....and have been locked in with exerciser/hikers parking car is a distant memory


          • Galina
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            That is the problem with long breaks between car trips. Hope it is just the battery and not the alternator. Hope all is well.