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9 Star perennial broccoli

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  • 9 Star perennial broccoli

    I've saved some seeds from my plants this year if anyone would like some. There are only 3 plants ( not perfect, I know) but they were in a netted tunnel so shouldn't have crossed with any of the other brassicas. The parent plants were grown from seed about 5 years ago and I've grown more from sideshoots - but these are outside the net. Happy to share or swap if you're interested.

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    Congratulations on these seeds Veggie and thank you for your offer. You are clearly doing much better than I with 9 star. I have seeds left and I have just received another packet from Brown Envelope Seeds in Ireland who are stocking them this year.

    As you say, 3 plants is not very much. I have a worse problem with my variegated Daubentons where I had one plant flowering (they should not even flower at all!) and only one other perennial in flower to cross to. Should have also been the 9 star as a third, but that was not to be. Well done you.


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      Thanks Galina. I've had normal Daubenton's flowering - grown from HSL seed - but again, only one plant. It flowered for several years but died last season. I must start some more - thanks for reminding me


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        The normal mode to propagate Daubenton's is from cuttings. I guess the HSL one must have flowered for them to be offering seeds, so any grown from those seeds may well be more likely to flower themselves.

        I see a bit of a parallel here with the shallots. If we only propagate vegetatively from offsets, they are less likely to flower, but the ones I grew from real seeds were more likely to have flower scapes in the early years before propagating again vegetatively from them.


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          Nine star brocs that I had left in pots in a bed rooted.. fruited and now flowering. I was going to move them at end of season. Will flowering bump off the plants and is saving seed worthwhile as other poster said- small pool? Four in flower.

          I have five other firmly established and propagating- so could let theses others flowEr