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  • Offered Spare Chilli Seeds

    I ordered some seeds from Fatalii last week and with them came three small packets of freebies, but I know I won't get around to growing them. If they take your fancy let me know.

    Just Explosive Ember c.annuum (heat level 6) left

    Galina can offer, see post #7
    Purple Tiger aka Trifetti and also
    Serrano Tampiqueno

    Moruga Chocolate c.chinense (heat 10+++)
    Aji Cristal c.baccatum (heat 7)
    Also if you want to give them a go as possibly a bit old from 2016 I have
    Bhut Jolokia c.chinense (heat 10+)
    Ancho Poblano c.annuum (heat 2)
    Again from Fatalii
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    I've grown most Aji types, lemon,cito,pineapple and another one can't remember the name.

    Aji Cristal + Mourga Chocolate I would be interested in the seeds.


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      Great, if you pm me your address I'll pop them in the post to you.


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        They are on the way.


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          Hello Jayb. Rather late on the uptake, I would be very happy to have a go with your older chilli seed - Bhut Jolokia and Ancho Poblano. Many thanks


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            Brilliant. If you would pop your address in a pm, I'll get them sent off.


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              I can offer Purple Tiger aka Trifetti and also Serrano Tampiqueno seeds if anybody would like some. Purple Tiger is quite compact, the Serrano is 2ft tall. Both are hot but not lethal. Purple Tiger has some purple and some variegation in the plants to varying degrees very pretty.


              • Jang
                Jang commented
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                I am in love with Purple Tiger. The rich colouring of purple stems contrasting with variegated leaves and the whole plant rather fine and dainty including the flowers. It's a real favourite.

                I've brought a plant into the house to admire its prettiness and for ease of seed saving. Thank you, Galina.

              • Galina
                Galina commented
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                I have one surviving in the greenhouse, not great one out of seven or eight, but at least we should get early chilis. Glad you like them Jang.