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  • Welcome Thickening the plot

    Hi welcome to GFSS, hope you enjoy

    Interesting name, got me wondering.

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    Thanks! Yes, it's somewhat of an absurd username, had trouble thinking of something last night.

    This looks like a really interesting site and community, I got the feeling it must have split off from one of the other gardening forums. I really like the idea of non-professionals using the internet for seed saving and breeding new vegetable varieties etc, it makes a lot of sense, and has been really succesful in other domains (open source software, Wikipedia etc).


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      I guess it is a sort of a spin off, some topics are I guess not so mainstream and here is't easier to chat about them, share pictures and log/track ideas and projects. Yes exciting stuff, I so love the breeding and saving seed aspect of growing edibles. There is definitely some really inspiring breeders and projects around the web.


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        Definitely a friendly hang-out and you are very welcome! Looking forward to sharing your growing adventures. And your breeding. Where do you garden? What type of climate? Members here are at home on several different continents not just UK.


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          I have an allotment in Brighton, on the English south coast. The soil is pretty chalky, and I've only had it for a year so need to work on improving the soil.
          Didn't realise members were that widespread! The type of climate here is - according to - a marine west coast climate, so that means 801 mm rain per year, 1766 hours of sunshine per year, average annual temperature of 11oC (5oC in January, 17oC in august).


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            Envy your sunshine hours and temperatures and also a little more rain than we are getting. But yes, chalky soil is hard work. We are a little alkaline here too and heavy clay, but good depth and quite fertile. We are on a ridge at the Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire border and as far away from the influence of the sea as you can get. Parents in law lived and gardened in Hampshire and their veg was ready to harvest about 6 weeks before mine. We often get frosts in early June (in a normal year - nothing is normal this year). Thanks for the info Thickening the plot, makes it more meaningful comparing notes.