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  • Hello

    Just wanted to say hello. Looks like a forum with people who has a passion for rare vegetables. Been reading about cross pollination, I think that is my next step in growing.

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    Hi Clumsy and welcome, glad to have you join

    What vegetables are you most interested in cross pollinating?


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      Hi I was thinking of tomatoes to start with.


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        Tomatoes are a great choice! And welcome.

        Peas are lovely and easy to start with too.


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          Welcome Clumsy, great you joined, love to have you.


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            Thankyou for the warm welcome.


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              Tomatoes, Mmmmm, sorry just thinking ahead to when they start cropping!

              Toms are great to work with, fairly easy to gather pollen and emasculate flowers, plus you still get a crop to eat. What would you like to aim for in a tomato plant you are breeding?

              I'm afraid I'm all over the place with what I want to do, I just want to see and learn so much as quickly as I can. I should try and focus more but I get so many ideas of how I want something to taste or look or grow - I get really carried away! I don't suppose I'll ever get to grow everything out, but it is really interesting and so absorbing. So far I've been breeding for different colours, taste, stripes, variegation, fruit shapes, basket fruit, miniatures, and dwarves. So love tomatoes

              Good luck with projects, can't wait to read your threads about them
              If I can help you out with seeds for some different varieties to get you started just let me know.