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  • Hello from Scotland

    Hello, new member here, from Galloway, south west Scotland. Passionate about old/heritage varieties, would love to start breeding some sort of veg, but not sure what yet! Been gardening for 30 odd years, 27 in Dorset, now back in Galloway, so it's a very steep re-learning curve!
    Looking forward to taking part in the forum.

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    Hi Luath, Welcome to the forum
    Glad to have you join and looking forward to getting to know you and hearing about your gardening.
    Passionate about old/heritage varieties
    Then you're amongst friends, look forward to learning about your favourites.

    Oooh, deciding on a breeding project what fun, have you a short list of ideas?

    Dorset and Galloway, wow, two beautiful places, I can only imagine how different the growing conditions might be!


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      Hi Luath welcome, I'm also a new member. Wow 30 odd years in gardening impressive, Also love heritage varieties some of the seeds do have great stories to tell.


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        Peas, chilies, tomatoes, peppers are all good starting points. Potatoes too are fantastic to work with, the flowers are larger than tomatoes so a little less fiddly. Once you've got your berries to set it is magical seeing the diversity that can be produced.


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          Welcome Luath! Lovely to see you!

          I love old varieties too, much more exciting than so many modern varieties that were developed for the needs of commercial growers and supermarkets rather than home gardeners.


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            Welcome Luath, great to meet you. Guess the climate is a challenge and a half. Do you have a greenhouse/polytunnel? What veg are you most interested in? How close to the sea are you? Yes heritage veg spoken here definitely. Hope you enjoy it here and feel at home soon.


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              Hello Luath, is it yourself from the Kep forum. If so, glad you found this site