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  • Not so much a welcome...

    Hi folks.
    I get a bit sad when people just drop off forums, so thought I would just pop in and give an explanation.
    I wish i could participate more, and will pop in from time to time but I've enrolled in a higher degree, and this will be taking up a fair bit of time - the pea breeding, onion breeding carrot breeding and parsnip breeding - not to mention my melon project, will be taking a very low profile over the next couple of seasons - i will be growing, but guess i won't have much time to share what's happening. I hope to find time to take a look from time to time, but i won't be posting much. Keep up the good work!
    cheers, T

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    Thanks Templeton, it does get lonely on here at times and it makes me less inclined sharing what I am doing because it feels like I am talking to myself. I wish you very good luck with your studies and you are always welcome here. Just back up any seeds with freezer storage to give yourself some leeway if you need to. Great you were popping by today Speak soon


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      Congratulations on going for a higher degree, will miss your posts and blog posts in the meanwhile, look forward to hearing your news when you have time. Good luck and the time will soon flyby......