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  • Welcome to Chris11

    Hellooo, great to see you joined, hope you find some interests here
    I'm looking forward to learning from you

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    Thanks jayb, both for the invitation and welcome

    By way of introduction, here goes...

    Interested in home grown food, seed saving and sharing, genetics, and wildlife friendly gardening.
    My biggest interests are chillies, tomatoes and courgettes. I aim for about 25 varieties each year for both chillies and tomatoes, but sometimes end up with more, then have to find homes for spare plants locally.
    I also grow strawberries, spring onions, sweet peppers, rocket, coriander, chives, basil, parsley and sunflowers. And sometimes potatoes, radish, sweet corn, okra and cauliflower, but with much less success so far. I keep a wildlife friendly garden, with lavender, borage, calendula, poached egg plants, tagetes, wild flowers, sunflowers, catnip and nasturtiums. I don't have an allotment. I just do my best with a basic heated propagator, a greenhouse, water butt and compost bin, and a few tubs and pots in the sunny parts of my back garden and patio.

    And because 11 is one more than 10. Although I don't plan to go the same way as their first drummer, in a bizarre gardening accident.

    Live between Nottingham and Derby.


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      You're quite near me in Chesterfield then! Welcome.


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        And a welcome from me too. I get 25 tomatoes, but 25 different varieties of chili is a lot - Wow! On the other hand I certainly have that number of different beans in the garden and when it comes to peas - obsession reigns. Come to think of it I haven't counted the different potato varieties this year - probably just as well . Also all in a garden and I know what you mean about shady places, can really delay maturity. So yes, you fit right in here Chris and a warm welcome from me also. Looking forward to reading your posts.